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Medical Tourism

Reasons people choose us for their Medical Travel.

Quality – Costa Rica Medical Tourism Services’ cosmetic

Dental Implants (replacement supported at each end by a natural tooth)

Laser Liposuction (procedure designed to remove localized fat in one or more areas of the body)

Laser Resurfacing

• Breast Augmentation
• Body Implants
• Bicep/Tricep Implants
• Breast Reduction
• Calf and Bicep Implant
• Chin Surgery,mentoplasty (chin reduction)

Abdominal Etching:

• Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
• Booking a Medical Vacation
• Body Fat Transfer
• Face lifts
• Face lift with eyes and neck
• Forehead lift
• Rhinoplasty
• Blepharoplasty
• Brow Lift (performed to help reduce age-related creases and wrinkles in the forehead)
• Cellulite Treatment(cellulite causes uneven, dimpled skin)

Why Costa Rica

Care in Costa Rica is excellent and we use the best doctors and dentists in the country!

1. Savings 70%
2. Immediate access to the treatment you want.
3. Look For Accreditation. Private hospitals including CIMA, Clinica Biblica and Hospital La Catolica are some of the country’s top accredited facilities.
4. Pristine beaches, lush rainforests, healing hot springs, perfect year-round temperatures, and friendly, welcoming people! Feel better in Paradise!
5. Evaluate Post-Care Facilities (ffering post-surgery nursing care and meals along with airport pickup and transport to and from your appointments.
6. Financial

Payment Opinions:

For your convenience, our office accepts Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Direct Payment.


Most insurances are accepted

Payment Terms:

Payment is due at the time treatment is rendered, unless other special arrangements have been made.  Patients are responisible for all dental services provided, even if your dental insurance(s) coverage may not be all inclusive.

Cancellation and Missed Appointments:

Many patients are waiting for an appointment sooner than the one they already have and appreciate any openings that become available. To accommodate these patients, a minimum notice of 7 business days is required for cancelling or rescheduling an appointment, Your dental insurance company does not provide payment for this charge.

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