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Costa Rica is only to 5 hours by airplane from most major, high quality dental care.




Retirees Prefer Costa Rica

Are you considering a move to another country? If so you will be joining literally millions of Americans who call “home” someplace other than the land of their birth. For some, especially retirees, the allure of a warm place with a lower cost of living is irresistible.

When we start to research for a new place to live, there are some areas where it is pretty easy to get information about possible destinations: the cost of living, how to get a visa, what the weather is like, etc.

But many of the things we value in life are hard to quantify. real estate market is booming. Today, lots of people want to get away from it all. Many of them want to purchase or build a home in Costa Rica. Others want to buy land here as an investment. They all want to buy at bargain prices. Costa Rica’s property market is diverse. You can choose between rural and city living, gated communities, single-family homes, townhouses, condo buildings and luxury villas.


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